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  • Preparations underway for the Hive Artists Oakland’s Museum exhibition early 2018.


  •  The latest instalment of unicycling from Chris…
  • Photos of Chris creating a triptych portrait at the Billercay Portrait Artist of the Year Competition….
  • See Chris creating his triptych portrait here;

  • Work currently on display at Bennett’s Funerals and the Library, Billericay High Street, as part of the Billericay Art Trail.
  • Preparations for the Billericay Art Trail underway!


  • Chris has been learning to unicycle over the past month. Watch out for a performance piece coming soon!
  • Chris Scott Artist hand decorated unicycle…
  • Message from Chris “I’m delighted to announce that my selected venue for exhibiting at the Billericay Art Trial is Bennett’s Funeral Directors, Billericay High Street, junction with Norsey Road. I love a challenge and this venue perfectly reflects some of the themes of disappearance and loss in my work. If you can then please pop down, even if driving past and can’t stop. Keep your eyes peeled as I’ve got a prime window space on the junction”. “I will also be taking part in the Billericay Art Trail Portrait Artist Of The Year competition on 16th September at St Mary Magdalen Church, wish me luck”.


  •  New concepts underway. Check out the shop tab to purchase, ‘I’ve left the Met’ stickers and others on display at Asylum, Chelmsford, but only when it is closed!IMG_2892



Rochester Castle, Kent. A telling shot of society today!  Why a bin would be placed next to a gravestone, lord only knows. Great bin picture for me though to ad to my collection.
  • More ‘disappearing circus’ artworks underway…


  • Work just completed for the exhibition at Complete Lighting & Living, Maldon, from 3rd June. ‘The disappearing bike’, and a new concept, ‘The disappearing circus’.  This piece consists of a poster removed from a telegraph pole which has remained out in the elements for around a year. It is fantastic to see how the original vibrancy of the advertisement has deteriorated!
  • New ‘Mother and child’ series…
    Mother and child
    Mother and child
    Mother and child divided

    After Da Vinci2
  • New to the ‘Disappearing’ series…





  • ‘Disappearing neighbourhood watch’. Art meets criminology and the ‘broken windows theory’…


  • Fantastic early response to the guerrilla bin campaign. Check out @Chris.Scott.Artist on Facebook for the results :