Chris Scott Artist

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Chris Scott Artist

As an artist I have always been interested in creating books. Both as forms of scrap book containing images and ideas, and secondly, as art books in themselves.

I have an interest in ‘existentialism’ and love that by ‘burying’ the dolls inside the book. The words and story are obliterated, bringing to importance the dolls over the story told by the book.

This second book, above, follows the same theme, but this time the dolls sit on top of the book. Again, the story of the murderers cannot be read as the contents of the holes inside sit on top and the book is zip-tied shut. Both can be seen as a celebration of the lives of the children over the gruesome story.

‘Derwent Water after Elma Key’ watercolour 2022. (above) One of my adapted (adopted) artworks by other artists. My conceptual part in the process was to turn the image upside down and sign my name.

‘Untitled’, police helmet, pieces of wood and hinges 2022. (above)

’Do I exist, did I exist,’ 2021, Office door slider. (above)

Still life adapted paintings 2021. (below). These consist of other artists paintings acquired by me and items of drug paraphernalia added in the style of the original artist. My inspiration for these came about after seeing ’alternative’ real life still lives as a police officer whilst visiting drugs addresses.

Sketchbook pages 2021. (below)