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  • New graffiti concepts….


  • New concepts underway. Check out the shop tab to purchase, ‘I’ve left the Met’ stickers.




Rochester Castle, Kent. A telling shot of society today!  Why a bin would be placed next to a gravestone, lord only knows. Great bin picture for me though to ad to my collection.
  • More ‘disappearing circus’ artworks underway…


  • Work just completed for the exhibition at Complete Lighting & Living, Maldon, from 3rd June. ‘The disappearing bike’, and a new concept, ‘The disappearing circus’.  This piece consists of a poster removed from a telegraph pole which has remained out in the elements for around a year. It is fantastic to see how the original vibrancy of the advertisement has deteriorated!
  • New ‘Mother and child’ series…
    Mother and child
    Mother and child
    Mother and child divided

    After Da Vinci2
  • New to the ‘Disappearing’ series…
  • ‘Disappearing neighbourhood watch’. Art meets criminology and the ‘broken windows theory’…


  • Fantastic early response to the guerrilla bin campaign. Check out @Chris.Scott.Artist on Facebook for the results :